Tips to Keep Band Instruments in Good Nic

For a wedding party band to perform to its highest capability it’s vital that the band maintain and service their equipment and instrument.

wedding band instrumentMusical instruments tend to be ignored by musicians and instrumentalist quite often but here are some important tips to help ensure you musical instrument will product the most pleasing sounds and keep the wedding attendants occupied and entertained to the highest levels:

Clean musical instruments gently

You may be cleaning instrument with the intention of keeping them in Tip top condition as well as clean but some instrument can easily get damaged. This makes is advisable for you to get proper information on how musical instrument require maintenance to avoid damaging the instruments.

Consider the age of the player

It’s important you understand that the instrument players age will also contribute towards the quality of the instruments sound. Younger players will tend to drop these instruments which gradually affect their sound quality.

In addition to the instruments maintenance it’s also important to understand some other aspects liked to the quality of the band while playing music at a wedding or any other concert. Below are two important factors which must be avoided before playing any musical instrument:

The instrumentalist should avoid over eating

In the same way you are advised to avoid eating before talking a swim is the same rule you need to follow while playing musical instruments especially those which require you to exhale to make sound. This inhaling and exhaling motion will lead to sever craps on the stomach which will lead to affecting the music sound. The musical should consume food at least 2-3 hours before playing the instrument which will help him deliver better results.

Always keep your hands clean and dry

Moister and sweat on the hands will take a toll on the instruments over time since most are made using metals with begin getting corroded over time. You must take special care with the mouth piece of flutes and trumpets which are constantly exposed to moisture from the lungs and require constant cleaning after use of the instruments

Maintenance of the instruments remains in the players hands and this skill requires to be learn from and early so as to achieve the required quality. Spending time to consider these aspects keeps you instruments in the best nick always ensuring they last longer and sound great every time you play them.

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